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The 3Q 2018 PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor, written in partnership with Silicon Valley Bank, Perkins Coie and Solium, offers an analysis of trends appearing in the venture capital asset class. Analysts provide updates on exit and fundraising activity and break dealmaking down by stage, region, and sector, looking in particular at growth equity deals and deal


Merkle's Q1 2018 report shows Shopping campaigns dominate retailers' paid search click volume.


The convenience store is teaming up with delivery partners, Amazon and more.



Mobile SEO expert Cindy Krum shares her predictions for where mobile is headed in 2018 and dives deep into how current trends fit into the impending mobile-first index.


Check your log files to see if you see an increase in smartphone Googlebot activity, it may be a sign your site is now in the Google mobile first index.


eTourism Summit fuses the travel industry with Silicon Valley. Not only will attendees receive updated information on the latest trends in e-mail marketing, search, social media, mobile and web design, but they will learn how travel marketers are using new tools to build incremental website traffic for next-to-nothing…or nothing.

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If you’re an entrepreneur, bootstrapping a business, then you understand the importance of every dollar.

While executing your core competency is a crucial factor to your business’ success, another important step is effectively marketing your business. Fortunately, there are hundreds of free digital marketing tools that can greatly impact your bu


With 82% of people turning to search engines to find local information, your Google listing is the ideal place to showcase what is unique about your business. Even when customers know exactly what they're looking for, they still want to get to know the business and see what it has to offer. That’s why Google My Business is bringing Posts to local businesses — an easy way to help attract new customers and build relationships wit


Three out of every four minutes (75%) of Internet use will be accessed via a mobile device in 2017 -- up from 68% this year, according to a mobile advertising forecast released this morning by Publicis’ Zenith unit.

The report estimates that mobile’s share of global Internet usage will reach 79% by 2018, nearly doubling since 40% in 2012.


Responsive design is one of the newest buzzwords in the web design world, and it’s a trend every small business owner should know about. That’s because responsive designs always look great… regardless of the size of the screen being used. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Have a look at the numbers. 

Does Your Website Need to b


The Pros and Cons of Digital Sharecropping

If you were paying attention in history class, you might remember learning about the term sharecropping. 

Sharecropping is an agricultural system where a landowner lets a tenant farm the land in exchange for a share of the crops produced… and the system didn’t necessarily benefit both groups equally. The landowners reaped a staggering majority of the profits, while th


Do you know the best practices for marketing to millennials?

If your business isn’t marketing to millennials online you could be missing out on a massive profit generating demographic. Millennials, also known as Generation Y, were born throughout the early ‘80s right up to the millennium year, 2000. As a group,


Keep your website’s search rank safe from recent Google updates

Google’s search engine has two main algorithm updates, Penguin and Panda. They sound innocent enough, but they can inflict massive damage to your website if you aren’t careful, and it can take up to six months to fully recover from a Google penalty.

Minor Google algorithm changes happen hundreds of times per year and major changes tend to roll out


How to choose the best digital marketing automation tool for your business

Choosing a marketing automation tool isn’t an easy task, because there’s no “one size fits all” piece of software for every business. Even as online marketing experts, we can’t point to a specific tool and tell you, “Yes, this one will work!” 

However, we can help you demystify the process so that you can ch


Become a more persuasive copywriter with these tips to help you improve your copywriting skills

Your business craves content that will persuade customers to take an action, like buying your product or joining your email list. It’s not always easy to write persuasively and effectively, though. Writing copy that shines is equal parts art and science, and it’s a cra


What is marketing automation and how can it help your business?

Many marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs have heard of the term “marketing automation,” but not everyone knows what this buzzword means. At its core marketing automation refers to web-based software and other technologies that streamline and automate marketing tasks. Hubspot takes the definition further, explaini


Say good-bye to overnight search visibility and unnatural links. A study of 500,000 links shows that Google has been steadily reducing its tolerance for Web spam and now penalizes sites with as little as 50% suspicious links in their profiles, according to a report released Tuesday.

The loopholes are being tightened for search engine optimization, and marketers must turn to a long-term focus, rather than short-term gains. The report fro


If you're a digital marketer or SEO aficionado, you likely have noticed the rapid disappearance of organic keyword data available in Google Analytics. It's a startling — and likely scary — realization, as keyword data has been both a reliable and fundamental way to measure SEO success for years. 

The reaction across the industry has been tremendous, with cynics bemoaning the death of SEO and keywords; SEO vendor


"When people don't see stuff on Google, they think no one can find it. That's not true."
That's according to John Matherly, creator of Shodan, the scariest search engine on the Internet.

Unlike Google (GOOG, Fortune 500), which crawls the Web looking for websites, Shodan navigates the Internet's back channels. It's a kind of "dark" Google, looking for the servers, webcams, printers, routers


Okay -- it's not fair for me to only suggest Yahoo wants to terminate Google and Yahoo sign-ins to improve ad and content targeting. They also want to improve privacy and keep a tighter grip on the data collected from across their network of services and sites -- data that should become worth millions in advertising long-term.

The termination of sign-ins through Facebook and


Facebook's betting a lot on its Home Android skin — but it looks like users aren't biting just yet.
Yesterday, more than a week after Facebook Home launched in the U.S., the app finally reached the 500,000 installation mark on Google Play, reports Benedict Evans.
In addition to the slow growth, users are also tearing apart Facebook Home in their reviews. The app now has a two-star average rating on Google Play after m


ADOTAS – Marketing has become increasingly social, and companies rely on creating a low-cost brand presence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Vine and LinkedIn as valuable sources of driving engagement through earned media. The Facebook Pages model sparked an entire industry and the creation of firms like Buddy Media (acquired by and Wildfire (acquired by Google, which has since announced it is ceasing


On June 6 , Joe Findaro, Rachel Bloom, and Mohamed Al Romaithi are co-hosting a fundraiser in Georgetown, Washington , DC on behalf of Patrick and Jess Downes (young married couple - each lost a leg in marathon bombing).  Rachel is a colleague and friend of Patrick's (and his wife ). Patrick is a psychologist and Jess is a nurse - recently married.

It will be an inexpensive event (beverages, donated food, and silent auction ite


A new eMarketer industry forecastprojects retail m-commerce will increase 37.2% to $57.8 billion this year from $42.1 billion in 2013, and reach $132.7 billion in 2018. This year, it will make up about on


DUBAI - A fundraising Gala Dinner and Auction was held in Dubai on Wednesday, April 17 th , at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel in Dubai under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline & Group, president of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and Chairman of Dubai Airports. Supported by some of Dubai's most prominent families and brands, the event gathered over 350 high-pr


For years, marketers seeking to boost mobile ad spending touted the smartphone audience as young and affluent to help make up for its lack of scale. But wide adoption of smartphones in the last couple of years has clearly broadened the demographic profile.

In that vein, new data released today by Nielsen


The recipients of the 2013 Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholarship for Outstanding High School Students are: Abdulrahman Fouad Mohamed Al Hadhrami (Al Ittihad Model School); Ahmed Yousef Ali Sulaiman Al Kendi (Military High School); Aisha Abdulhamid Mohammed Saeed Al Ahmadi (Al Ittihad National Private School); Aldana Mohamed Jasem Hasan Bin Jaafar (Glenelg School); Ali Ahmed Ali Rabeyah Al Shamsi (Military High School); Ali Khaled Saeed Nayem Al


According to the results of a recent survey conducted by Ascend2, “if you don't appear on page one of the search results, you don't exist.” To assuage this, the C-suite is paying attention to their organization’s organic search rankings, with 57% of marketing and sales professionals saying that quality content creation is one of the most effective SEO strategies employed by their company.

SEO success is de


Caleb Wiggins is the world's modern day genius. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Harvard University in 1993, with the strongest understanding for literature, Caleb moved to New York. Entering the banking industry that his father once led, Caleb immediately proved a strong performing Citibank investment banker focused on the highly profitable healthcare sector. It didn't take long before Caleb's wisdom about life caused him to


NYUAD students, including Alyazia Khalfan Al Marar, while studying in Abu Dhabi, wrote the article below about water as an exercise to examine the effects of arabic blogging on the popular search engines:

الفوائد الصحية للمياه المعدنية

أشار معهد أبحاث المياه المعدنية


SANTA CRUZ, CA. June 25, 2013 According to the newly released Evans Data Worldwide Developer Population and Demographics Study, the total developer population worldwide is expected to increase to 26.4 million by 2019, up from 18.2 million today. The strongest growth is expected in the APAC region with India and China leading all countries in expected developer population growth. Russia is also expected to provide strong g


About the process of creating new products

Why entrepreneurial optimism might miss new products
By Ronn Levine

A colorful graphic depicts a runner in a starting position with banana peels under his feet. A cartoon shows two men from the Middle Ages walking by Stonehenge when one says, “It’s a pity they had to stop work on the new mall.”

The article


An interesting conversation with SocialCode CEO and founder Laura O'Shaughnessy led us to speculate on a real-time ad targeting model for Facebook based on hashtags.

Social networks will build a common language, but Facebook's first challenge remains building adoption for the use of hashtags. If it catches on, hashtag ad targeting could look similar to Twitter, where marketers can either advertise against a brand, the perso


Are you still looking to hire a digital marketing specialist?  If so, put on your Members Only jacket, pick up your Newton, and get back in your Model T Ford and drive home -- because you are sorely out of date.
Digital marketing is not a department; it has officially woven its way into the fabric of all your marketing.  Digital is no longer a matter of planning search and display ads and maintaining a line item on your media m


The fastest growing channel in online advertising, online video is exploding. How many times have you heard that before?

It’s all true. But what’s also true is that it could do a lot better.

Nielsen's recently released TV ratings don’t look good. Ratings of all shows of all broadcasters declined, some by more than 20%. And everyone saw it coming. So why didn’t video (TV and online) planners and buyers


What do you think of when see or hear the word "Apple" in reference to technology? The answer is likely 'consumer' or 'really cool products' or, perhaps, 'iPhone' or 'iPad'. Conversely, what do you think of when you see or hear "IBM"? Most likely, you'll think 'enterprise' or 'information technology'. Based on those identifying descriptors, you wouldn't think that thes


Google reported generating $13.1 billion -- or 93% of consolidated revenue -- from advertising in the second quarter of 2013, up 20% from the year-ago quarter.

Total net income from discontinued operations came in at $3.23 billion, compared with $2.79 billion in Q2 2013, but non-GAAP net income was $3.23 billion -- slightly down from $3.36 billion, respectively.

Google-owned sites generated a rise of 18% to $8.87 billion -- or 68


Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014;
Secrets of Success
About building a more profitable business...

By Ronn Levine

Should niche publishers be using more crowdsourcing and focus groups? Two articles make a good argument. Alexandra Alter


Her Excellency Noura Al Kaabi, CEO of Twofour54 and member of UAE's
Federal National Council will discuss UAE's media industry at The
U.S.- U.A.E. Business Council luncheon in her honor today in
Washington, DC. Follow the embassy's live tweets @UAEEmbassyUS
starting at 12pm EST and retweet using the hashtag: #UAEMediaDC