Our Business is Growing Your Business Online™

The Internet is a powerful medium for business development and marketing promotion. ActiveMedia converts your website visitors into buyers and buyers into loyal clients.The focus of our business is growing your business online. Our aim is for your website to be on top of the search engine results pages every time your clients and your potential customers search online for your products or services anywhere in the World, using any language. Our clients dominate the results both in the “organic” and “paid” listings.

Our Mission

ActiveMedia’s mission is to make your business a success by connecting your site to your target market and converting your prospects to loyal online customers.

What We Do Best

ActiveMedia’s FindMe™ Search Engine Optimization program ensures placement of your website on top of the results pages of search engines. We back this promise with a full money back guarantee. Your pay-per-click advertising campaign, email marketing programs and behavioral targeting solutions are managed by our experienced professionals focused on delivering the maximum return on investment.

ActiveMedia manages your entire online presence including strategic planning, design, development, and functionality expansion to maintain your website and social media presence. ActiveMedia puts your business on the path to success by maximizing your visibility in the search engines and creating excellent, results-driven, online experiences.

We guarantee results for all of our clients. We are active in all languages supported by search engines all over the world, tailoring your websites and digital marketing programs to particular localities and languages is a highly-effective method for creating and growing new markets.


International Business-To-Business Matchmaking Event At CES 2016

Want to make your visit to CES more meaningful by setting up advance meetings with top investors, manufacturers, distributors and retailers?