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Is your website automatically generating targeted leads, right now?


Good job! Could you be doing more, though? Let us show you how we can get your website in front of even more people. You'll love seeing the increase in sales for your products and services. 


That's okay! We can create a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign that helps you target your ideal customers, driving traffic to your website and increasing your bottom line.


If you aren't sure whether your website is working hard enough, let us help you understand how a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign can make your traffic (and sales) skyrocket.


How can PPC help your business?

ActiveMedia’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising program allows you to invest $1, and then take home $3 or more. Our campaigns bring more traffic to your website within days, which means that you can attract new customers, sell your products, and convert site visitors to buyers almost instantly. Your ads will be displayed in addition to organic search engine listings, making a PPC campaign the perfect partner for other online marketing initiatives, like SEO. Your ads are only shown to people who are searching for exactly what you're offering, so you can be confident that you're getting qualified, targeted traffic that converts.

Leapfrog over your competition, starting today.

Why Do I Need PPC?

Competition for the top spots in the search engines is intense, and getting found can be hard. Your potential customers are probably already searching for the exact products and services that you offer, and with PPC you can make sure they're able to find you. You only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad's link, making PPC a very cost-effective marketing solution. 

How Does PPC Compare to Other Marketing Channels?

If you want fast results from your internet marketing efforts, it's hard to beat the effectiveness of PPC. However, PPC campaigns can be difficult and time consuming to manage properly. Our experienced team has extensive knowledge and experience on all major PPC advertising services, including Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Bing, Facebook, Looksmart, and others.

What Results Should I Expect?

We know what works and what doesn't with Pay-Per-Click campaigns, and our in-house team of experts will put those time-tested strategies to good use for your business. We also know that the online marketing landscape is always changing, so we're continuously researching best practices to deliver the highest return on your PPC investment. Our entire process is 100% transparent (please see below), and you can be involved every step of the way. The result? More website visitors, and more customers.

44% of online shoppers begin by using a search engine.
(Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance, 2012)

Online marketing, including PPC ads, is 54% successful at generating leads.

Our PPC Process

Keyword Research and Analysis

Researching and analyzing keywords is the first step in the PPC process, and it will set the foundation for the rest of your campaign. Our experienced online advertising specialists will dive right into researching your market so that we can find out exactly what your potential customers are searching for online. 

Ad Copy

Pay-per-click ads come with limited space, and it's all-too-easy to create ads that blend in with the crowd. If you want your links to stand out from the competition, you'll need compelling ad copy that seamlessly and naturally incorporates your keywords. Our team will create a powerful CTA (call to action) that makes searchers want to click on your site's links, and we'll fill each line of available real estate with strong and successful ad text. 

Campaign Set Up

After a careful and thorough planning and development phase, we'll move on to setting up your PPC campaign. The keywords that we worked together to identify will be organized into different campaigns and ad groups, and then they'll be deployed on the appropriate search engines, advertising networks, and digital content sites. 

Campaign Management

Once your PPC campaign is up and running, we'll continuously monitor and fine-tune the entire strategy to ensure that it's effective. An important part of overall campaign management is assessing how well keywords are performing, and we'll keep a close eye on your progress. We may determine that new keywords need to be added or that underperforming keywords should be removed from your campaign, which means that you'll always get the most out of your budget.

Performance Reports

You should be aware of the results of your online marketing efforts, which is why you'll receive regular reports on the status of your pay-per-click campaign's performance. You'll get meaningful statistics and insights that can help you better connect with your target customers. The report even includes recommendations for getting the most ROI from the campaign, because we know exactly what information you need to help make important business decisions.

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