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Caleb Wiggins, a modern day literary genius, dies in Los Angeles at the age of 43


Caleb Wiggins is the world's modern day genius. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Harvard University in 1993, with the strongest understanding for literature, Caleb moved to New York. Entering the banking industry that his father once led, Caleb immediately proved a strong performing Citibank investment banker focused on the highly profitable healthcare sector. It didn't take long before Caleb's wisdom about life caused him to leave the full time job to follow his passion for entrepreneurship, but more importantly art.

Patience was one of the traits for which Caleb had the touch. Focus and generosity were the others. Caleb could spend two hours talking in-depth about the first sentence we spoke on the phone. He could also spend 7 years focusing on one venture, the world's best on-line music studio, Although this venture would go on to consume almost every hour of every day from Caleb's Pacific ocean-viewing Malibu room, Caleb always kept his values a priority.

Even if Caleb had only enough money to eat, he would offer friends money by selling his old baseball signed by Hank Aaron.  Even if Caleb was busy monitoring his company, he would always prioritize time for his friends to translate valuable advice and knowledge. Caleb would sometimes even ask for time to examine a topic, so he could respond more fully to his friends.

Caleb loved The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, Black Crowes and to laugh and make others laugh. He loved Frank Sinatra and Summer Wind. Caleb's favorite restaurant was Palm Too -- not The Palm BUT Palm Too in Manhattan. And he was very proud that he was a graduate of Deerfield Academy.

Caleb always said the simpler the message the better. So if I can sum of everything about Caleb into one word, it would be truth. Caleb understood all that was true about life. Caleb ensured truth was added to every message he gave about life. And whether it was the complicated global economy, a business presentation, or a question about marriage, Caleb could translate that message into an easy, funny, and exciting story, with truth embedded underneath.

June 20th, 2013 will go down as one of the most tragic days in the world's modern history. There might be no one alive who can portray a message like Caleb Wiggins. May we all learn from the limited stories shared by this humble genius, and may we grow with his truth embedded inside us.

-Jason Moore, Caleb's friend and brother, regional partner ActiveMedia