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Inorganic Ventures


Online Marketing


Inorganic Ventures has been manufacturing a higher class of analytical inorganic standards, at fair prices, since 1985. In 2010 they decided to focus on improving their online visibility. Tasked with growing the brand online through SEO, PPC, and other custom marketing campaigns, our team got to work.

Because ActiveMedia has enjoyed a long relationship with the Inorganic Ventures team, we've had the opportunity to work together on a variety of projects. Most recently, we completed an eCommerce enhancement project that drastically improved the company's eCommerce flow. We don't want to spoil the success story too much, but here's a teaser: the results have been excellent. 


To kick things off, the existing website needed to be optimized for SEO. Our SEO experts implemented a robust strategy specifically designed to drastically increase search engine visibility for the keywords that matter most to Inorganic Ventures. For an even greater impact we paired PPC and other online marketing strategies with the SEO efforts, with the goal of reaching a large, targeted audience. One campaign worth mentioning focused entirely on banner advertising and remarketing. Banners were displayed on related websites, in email newsletters relevant to the industry, and to people who had already visited the Inorganic Ventures website. 

On the eCommerce side, Inorganic Ventures was having several analytics issues. They couldn't track all of the data they needed to make the best decisions for their business, so we stepped in. Now they're able to measure conversions more precisely, remarket to "lost" customers, track phone calls, and more. 


The excellent results started to roll in almost immediately, and Inorganic Ventures acquired plenty of new customers and reaped an excellent return on investment. Before ActiveMedia, Inorganic Ventures' website visits were averaging around 17,000 per month. In 2015 the website received an average of 64,400 visits each month... and 76% of those visits were from organic traffic. More than 90% of all new customers found Inorganic Ventures via search engines like Google, and the company broke it's new customer records quickly and regularly once they started using our services.

Once visitors are on the website their eCommerce transactions are easily tracked, thanks to various enhancements. This data is incredibly helpful for optimizing PPC campaigns, but there's one particularly beneficial feature: the remarketing setup. This setup allows us to target people who have shown interest in Inorganic Ventures (by adding something to their shopping cart, for example), but who didn't place an order or contact a distributor. These visitors are targeted through ads shown on the other websites they're browsing, which encourages them to return and finish checking out. The result was more impressions, and ultimately more clicks and conversions. 

That's all pretty neat, but the let's talk numbers some more. The banner advertising and remarketing campaign ran for three months, and the relevant pages were viewed 11,760 times by 10,812 unique viewers. The main page being tracked kept visitors on the page for an average of 3.5 minutes per visit. With short attention spans running rampant on the Web, that's an excellent metric!

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