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Clients First

Clients First

At ActiveMedia every team member understands that we exist solely for our clients to reach their goals. We are 100% committed to making our clients successful. Nothing makes us happier than seeing how excited they are about the results we deliver.


A business can only succeed when it's customers are satisfied. It's the reason we offer things like unlimited revisions on design services (a fairly unique commitment in the industry), or guaranteed organic search results. We also want to make the Web (and therefore the World) a better place. Its an ambitious goal, but we're not the types.

Our data driven client focus makes ActiveMedia an effective tool for you..

How does ActiveMedia put clients first?

We don't like to make claims without backing them up. We value all of our fantastic clients, and here are a few of the ways that we like to show it:

  • We actively listen to our clients to discover exactly what they want and need.
  • More importantly, we make sure that we map market demand in our clients areas as it manifests itself in search queries. That "mind reading" of the target market is a crucial element of our philosophy.
  • It's not just about passively listening, though. We also gladly share what we have learned from previous projects as best practices from unrelated industries can be valuable.
  • Rapid response times are the norm with us.
  • Our solutions are designed with our clients' businesses in mind. Each service is fully customized so that clients receive the greatest value and overall impact that makes a difference to the bottom line.
  • The big picture is important, but so are the details: we always make sure to focus on the big and small stuff. 
  • We love being precise, especially when it comes to delivering data that helps our clients make business decisions.
  • 100% client satisfaction is our goal, whether the project involves website designs, SEO, Mobile App Development or something else entirely. 
  • If our clients have a question or want to learn something about our perspective, we're more than happy to explain how things work.
  • Because of our commitment to position our clients not just for today but for tomorrow, our team members are encouraged to study our industry tools every day.
  • Whether a client needs a mobile app, new website, or sales growth through online marketing services, it's our job to help our clients get found on the Web. It's a job we take seriously and it's why all of our deliverables are of the highest professional quality.
  • Last but not least: just about everybody on our team is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural person, bringing always colorful perspectives to any challenge.

Zoltan Fagyal
Director of Marketing Technology and Web Development

Our purpose in a strategic relationship is something more than just a transactional exchange, so our team members do their personal best and always “go the extra mile”. Our job is to achieve the highest level of success possible for our clients -you- via massive increase of their digital footprint. We accomplish this with a powerful combination of SEO, website development, mobile apps, and other online marketing strategies. The result? More traffic, more conversions, and a more professional online face for your business or organization.

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