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What's easier... finding Interstate Moving online, or moving across the country?


Whether you need to move across town or across the world, Interstate Moving has you covered. They've been in business since 1943, but by 2014 realized they needed to ramp up their online marketing efforts. After an initial consultation, it was decided that a double whammy of SEO and PPC would be the best fit for their business.


First things first, the existing website needed to be optimized for SEO. The ActiveMedia SEO team got to work implementing a powerful campaign designed to drastically increase search engine visibility. We also knew that the potential for even more traffic and conversions was there, so PPC was the logical next step in Interstate Moving's online strategy. By January 2015, our efforts were in full swing.  

To kick off the PPC efforts we designed a landing page... but not just any landing page. This landing page has been fully optimized with the goal of driving visitor action. To round out our efforts, extremely targeted keywords were identified and ads were created. 


Combining SEO and PPC is a winning marketing method, and Interstate Moving knew this from the start. They operate in a space with incredibly competitive keywords, where a single click can cost up to $40. Despite the competition we've been able to drive new leads on a consistent basis and the business continues to attract new customers.

Better visibility in the search engines helps, too. Since the beginning of our SEO program, Interstate Moving's search engine visibility has been increasing steadily. They're now over 71%! This means that when someone searches for moving services using the keywords that matter most to Interstate Moving's business, they're likely to find the company within the top 30 search engine results. 

Finally, the search campaign currently performs at a 31% conversion rate. The average search campaign produces a 5% conversion rate, so Interstate Moving's numbers are truly impressive! As for the question we asked earlier, "What's easier... finding Interstate Moving online, or moving across the country?" the answer is simple—both tasks are a cakewalk. 

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