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2014   Nov 27  

Network to Remove Unpaid Plugs in User News Feeds


2014   Nov 24  

Yahoo has been working on building up the number of searches they are getting through their search engine for years, with little success.  

2014 Oct 26

ActiveMedia has participated at the Fortune Growth Summit in Las Vegas

2014 Oct 08

eTOURISM SUMMIT has amassed a collection of experts, researchers, and interactive marketers who are willing to share their experiences to help you solve problems and avoid costly mistakes

2014   Aug 07  

by Rolfe Winkler

The world's most popular search engine said it is now giving bonus points in its ranking algorithm to Web pages that are encrypted. Google hopes the move will prod website developers to adopt technology that protects against hackers breaking into their websites and stealing users' information.

2014 Jun 23

The focus of the presentation: International digital marketing.

2014   Mar 13  

ActiveMedia participated at the MobileHungary conference, with Laszlo Horvath introducing a concept: "Self to Self communication TM” - where data collected and analyzed from wearable devices leads to behavioral changes in the individual.

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2014   Feb 24  

ActiveMedia is going to participate in the GoWest 2014 Summit in Tacoma, Washington