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2015   Apr 08  

by Laurie Sullivan 

Search engines provide answers to questions that we don't know, and with a click or two confirm those we think we do. Numerous research papers from prestigious schools and scholars suggest that search engines make people dumb. The latest from researchers at Yale University suggests that search engines make people think they're smarter

2015   Apr 07  

Cell-Only Population: 70% Increase In Four Years

2015   Mar 16  

by Shona Ghosh

Disney CEO Bob Iger has become an unlikely advocate for the Apple Watch, predicting the device will be a "big hit".

2015   Mar 10  

by  @chuckmartin

Shoppers are spending more time in stores than last year but overall there are fewer of them.

2015   Feb 24  

Mobile video is booming, with about 50 million people watching video on their mobile devices, according to Business Insider. Advertisers have taken notice. Given the growth of mobile video and expectations for continued popularity, they’re adapting to media consumption habits, resulting in higher-quality video and more of it. 

2015   Feb 11  

A new report by Forrester finds that online spending in China will reach one trillion dollars by 2019. The growth will be fueled by mobile apps and improving logistics networks, which have helped e-commerce companies reach new customers in smaller cities.

2015   Jan 27  

For the record: Tim Cook told Wall Street that Apple has sold 25 million Apple TVs over the product’s lifetime. That’s up from 20 million in April of last year, the last time Cook provided an update.

2015 Jan 15

Please join Mono County for a morning of in-depth information from experts and specialists about the state of the global, national, and regional economy, tourism trends in California, and how we in the Eastern Sierra can take advantage of opportunities in market shifts.

2014   Dec 30  

For all the focus on social media and the next generation of bright shiny communications technologies, the most important “digital tool” in the workforce is one of its oldest -- email.

2014   Dec 02  

International visitors spent $19.1 billion on travel to, and tourism-related activities within,the U.S. in September, an increase of nearly 7% when compared to September 2013. Purchases of travel and tourism-related goods and services by international visitors traveling in the United States totaled $12.0 billion during September, up nearly 6% from last year. Fares received by U.S. carriers from international visitors totaled $3.8 billion for the month, a 13% year over year increase. Passenger fare receipts accounted for 20% of total U.S. travel and tourism exports for September.